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Vacation Rental Management Software

We do MORE than reservations, because you need more than just reservations.
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vacation home property management software
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Vacation Rental Management Software for Short-term Home Rentals
TCS Reservations

(All Designed To Make Your Life Easier.)
Overview ~
  • Network Friendly
  • Web Friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Report Friendly
  • Export Friendly
  • EASY Rate Setup and Maintenance
  • No limit to pictures, text, or number of accounts and vendors
  • Many drop-down views and filters
  • Multi-level security settings
  • Engaging and easy screens and prompts
  • Detailed marketing analysis
  • Organized by Unit, rather than Owner
  • TCS is all-inclusive ~ hardware turn-key systems available
  • Priced by the unit
  • Purchase or lease
  • Secure Payment Card Handling
  • Really Real-time Online Booking
  • Huge Bang for your Buck! (Less expensive than other systems.)
  • A Software Company That Responds To Your Needs

  • Online Booking ~
  • Really Real-Time online calendars
  • Directly interfaces with the main database
  • Your data resides in Your office
  • Accurately Calculates and Applies Customized Specials and Minimum Nights
  • Charge Pet Fees Online
  • Track Web Advertising That Results in Bookings!
  • Add your own Header and Footer to customize the templates
  • Other Online pages include Request A Brochure and Current Specials
  • Request A Brochure address information is stored in the Client Database
  • This is your 25/8/366 Employee
  • Reservations ~
  • Book from Calendar or Search view
  • Incredibly EASY Group Booking and Tracking
  • Easily added Guest Packages
  • Email or fax confirmations from TCS
  • Color-coded Confirmed, Tentative, Owner, Guest (stranger) of Owner, Complimentary and Blocked Reservation Types
  • Easy Look-Up by reservation number or last name or phone number
  • Detailed Client Ledger for each reservation
  • Check a Box to add Trip Insurance
  • Drop-down pick list for easy calculations with current specials
  • Track travel agents
  • Customize Guest Deductions by Unit
  • Notes required upon Cancel
  • Track status of Confirmations Printed, and print individually or as a batch
  • Easily sort reservation records by Arrival and Departure dates, and also Due In and Due Out
  • Email confirmation packages (confirmation plus credit card slip, directions, etcetera)and beautiful customized letters directly from the program
  • Owners Can Easily Book their Own Units Online
  • Accounting ~
  • Get yourself compliant!
  • Track Guest Prepayments, Check-in Payments, Owner Accounts, Tax Accounts, Credit Card Fees, Work Orders and Vendor Payables (your company is a Vendor) ~ and anything else relating to an escrow account
  • Many Balancing Tools to Keep You Ready for the Auditor!
  • Print checks to Owners, Vendors, and Tax Authorities directly from TCS
  • Everything can be Manager-Adjusted prior to POSTING checks
  • Click a button to forfeit part of a deposit, and then generate the refund check for the balance
  • All Accounting Screens have Full Exportability
  • Generates 1099's to Vendors and Owners
  • Collates, collects and processes any type of pre-defined tax mils, and applies designated taxes to the Owner, Vendor or Guest
  • Highly customizable (create your own) and easy to organize Chart of Accounts
  • Click a button to add pre-defined Owner Deductions to an owner's account
  • Easily add one-time charges to an Owner's Account
  • Balance Forward while retaining items in the system
  • Current Owner's Statement is always reflected in each Unit's Detail
  • Click a button to generate a Profit and Loss statement for each Unit
  • Click another button to generate a CHECK TO YOUR TRIP INSURANCE VENDOR! Yes, it's THAT easy!
  • Expenses and CORRECTIONS automatically post to the correct Owner’s Account, Vendor Payables Account, or Taxes Account
  • Marketing ~
  • Pie Chart showing source by percentages
  • Data Chart detailing revenue by source
  • Checked Out Names and addresses are added to the Client List Database
  • Dynamic Client List Database generates Printable Mailing Labels
  • Request A Brochure Form is included with Online Booking ~ names and addresses route directly to the Client List Database after being marked as Sent
  • Mass Email Marketing built right in TCSReservations! Or, export your list to your SmartMailer or other mail-marketing program.
  • Pushbutton Tracking and Billing for Third Party Vendors (e.g. Expedia, Travelocity, the wedding chapel down the road, etcetera)
  • Housekeeping ~
  • Reservation file constantly checks against the Housekeeping Report
  • Print schedules by vendor or vendor's employees
  • Separate, but integrated, Hot Tub schedule
  • Linen requirements predefined by Unit print out with schedule
  • Housekeeping notes in each Reservation Detail print out on the schedule
  • Current schedule view selected by dates includes next reservation
  • Housekeepers or Housekeeping Contractors can check and update their Schedules From the Web, with a userid and password that YOU assign
  • Detailed Unit Inventory can be printed with the Housekeeper's Schedule, either in-house OR from their Web Interface
  • Maintenance ~
  • To Do, Pending, and Completed tracking filters for Work Orders
  • Easily No Charge, or Bill to Owner and send the charge to the Owner's Statement
  • Block units on the calendar for Maintenance from the Unit's Detail
  • Mark a Work Order to alert the front desk at check-in of its status
  • Automatic Tracking of Work Order Type to Alert you to a Pattern
  • Email Work Orders to Owners and/or Vendors as they are generated
  • Property Data ~
  • Supports multiple owners, with equal or unequal interests, and generates a commensurate payment for each
  • Detailed tracking of contract dates, insurance details and household items under warranty
  • Warranty List in Unit Detail also displays when a Work Order is generated for that unit
  • No limit to the number of Amenities added to each unit
  • No Limit to the number of Pictures added to each unit
  • Customize Pet Fees per Unit
  • Automatically Charge Owner Cleaning Fees (that YOU set) to the Owners Account for an Owner Stay

  • TCSReservations ::: HousePro ::: TCSHourly ::: Free Filing System
    vacation home property management software
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    Turn-key reservation systems dialed in for you by an expert for your vacation cabins, condos, villas, and rental home property. This vacation rental reservation management system does more than reservations, because your business is more than just reservations. An installed, robust system with enough web interfaces so that you'll feel it's web based.

    Eddie Nelson
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    Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator

    No more manually updating your website for anything! It's automagical. Manage your property reservations with REALLY real-time Online booking software for vacation home rentals and rental management companies. Manage cabins, condos, villas, vacation homes and more with The Company Software's line of vacation rental management software.

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